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PC23d Desktop Printer PC43d Desktop Printer
PC43t Desktop Printer PD41 Commercial Printer
PD42 Commercial Printer PD43/PD43c Light Industrial Printer
PF2i Mid-Range Printer PM23c Mid-Range Printer
PM43/PM43c Mid-Range Printer PX4i High-Performance Printer
PX6i High-Performance Printer

Commercial Printers by Intermec for Barcodes and Labels

Frustration, anger, unmanageability- these are just a few of the words to describe what it feels like to have a barcode printer that does not work. We’ve been there, done that. Today, we have a fast and easy solution for you: Intermec printers.

Designed to be user-friendly, commercial printers by Intermec really set the bar when it comes to label and barcode printing. Our inventory of Intermec printers includes a variety of styles to meet your particular business need. For example, we carry everything from desktop printers to light industrial printers to mid-range printers and more.

Experience what it feels like not to have to worry about your printing needs and shop today! If you have certain questions or concerns, please contact us directly at our toll free number 888-328-0098 or email us at sales@precisetouchpos.com. We would be more than happy to assist you! Follow us on social media to stay current on our latest promotions and product features.